Indoor Activities for Kids – Rainy Day Fun for Children

Rain on glass.Community

Rain on glass.

With fall coming on and the rain it inevitably brings, some sort of plan concerning indoor activities are in order. Kids long for a fun way to spend a rainy or snowy day when stuck inside. This giant list of ideas will keep children busy indoors!

It’s always good to have a stash of indoor activities for kids at the ready in case of a rainy or snowy day, or an unexpected school closure.  Read through the following ideas and stock up with items before you need them.

Don’t let a little rain slow you down. Discover indoor activities and rainy day fun the whole family can enjoy.

Arts and Crafts Indoor Activities for Kids

  • Try to have coloring books and crayons available for young children.
  • Have some Popsicle sticks on hand to put together wood creatures or build, well, who knows what!
  • Supply a whiteboard and markers.
  • Pass out chalk and chalkboard.

    bright crayons
    bright crayons

Literacy Indoor Activities for Kids

  • Magnetic letters and spell out words.  Make sure you have enough on hand to make up several sets so you can give each one of your children and have races spelling words.
  • Bible races. Everyone gets out their Bible and looks up a reference called out by the referee (you?) First one to open and read wins!
  • Dictionary races. Essentially the same thing as Bible races, but with dictionaries. Referee calls out word and the first person to open and read definition #1 wins. Alternative is whether Latin or Greek origins.

    An open dictionary
    An open dictionary

Pretend Play

  • Break out clothes and become a crazy character. Put on dad and/or mom clothes and let ’em pretend they run the house. (Keep a close eye on this one…)
  • Pretend that you’re having a volleyball tournament in your living room.  Make sure you have a supply of nice big round balloons and some ribbon or marking tape in order to tie off a couple of chairs and have the team’s assemble on each side.  Volleyball away!
  • Charades are fun anywhere.

Catch Up on Chores

Great time for spring or fall cleaning. Everyone gets involved in changing bed sheets, mopping, dusting. Add inside window cleaning to the list and the day is packing in quite fast.

Floor cleaning supplies.
Floor cleaning supplies.

Get dad involved and pull out the refrigerator and stove. How about the washer and dryer to boot!

Classic Games + Activities

Fall back to classic games.

  • hide and seek
  • twister
  • simon says
  • table games like Uno, Scrabble, or Around The World,


Rainy days happen.  What you do with them, is up to you.  You can create an exciting learning and growing environment in your home by just using a little imagination.

We choose what we focus on in life. We can choose to be miserable when it rains and happy when it’s sunny. Or we can appreciate the downpour as an opportunity to take care of indoor chores, or do indoor activities or, maybe, just go splashing through puddles.


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