Parents And Doctors Suing For Children COVID Vaccinations

Hand holding needle.

Hand holding needle.

The Epoch Times reported on May 25 that a number of doctors and parents are suing the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), seeking to prevent the covid-19 vaccine in children under age 16. American Frontline Doctors is a nonprofit organization who is asking for a restraining order on May 19.

Why The Lawsuit?

According to the CDC’s own medical records, the last four months (since the vaccine was readily available) brought more than 4,000 deaths from the covid-19 vaccine. In comparison, the last Ten years for All vaccines has 1,500 deaths. Dr. Faralla, pediatric medical director for America’s Frontline Doctors, said,

Children are at statistically zero risk for covid-19 [1].

The plaintiff’s attorney Lowell Becraft noted that it is no public interest in inoculating children for a disease that doesn’t threaten them. Dr. Farella continued his thought by saying,

The data shows that the survivability rate for covid-19 patients under the age of 20 is 99.997% [2].

Of course, this is without any vaccine. Last week the CDC even reported investigating several cases of heart inflammation in teenagers and young adults who received the vaccine [3]. Washington, Idaho, and Oregon are also reporting similar instances.

Parents are also concerned about long-term effects that are unknown. As more individuals receive the vaccine, more side effects appear. Parents do not want their own children to be the guinea pig for a disease that won’t likely harm them and is rarely fatal for the children. Parents wonder why the rush to vaccinate children who are not at risk for the disease, a vaccine that needs to be admitted yearly.  Furthermore, the plaintiffs are not against the vaccine in and of itself, just against administering it to children.

Government And Vaccine Side

The CDC counters by wanting to vaccinate “as many people as possible who are eligible.’ per CDC director Rochelle Wealensky. Jen Psaki, press secretary for the White House, made the statement,

It is the right step for 12 to 15 year olds to get vaccinated. The risks for contracting covid are certainly significant, even for people of that age [4].



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