Parents Enjoy Schooling At Home Amidst School Closures

Two Boys Studying at Desk

Two Boys Studying at Desk

Because of the pandemic, school closures, and virtual schooling, many families chose to start homeschooling. As the school year progressed, parents who switched to homeschooling in the pandemic are happy with the decision [1].

Nationwide Statistics

Across the nation, the public school has seen a sharp decline in the number of students. Louisiana has seen a 4% increase since the pandemic for homeschoolers. In Missouri, 3.2% of students no longer attend public schools. The number grows to 10% for kindergarteners and 31% for preschoolers [2]. The nationwide number for homeschoolers is now at 10% [3].

What Happened?

If a parent needs to sit with the child through the class, keeping his attention where it ought to be, listening to numbers and letters, perhaps the parent would be better off purchasing his own curriculum which he can expand where necessary. He can run the school in hours convenient to him and the student.

Classrooms closed in March due to pandemic fears. Many still haven’t reopened. Some areas are attempting to do virtual learning. That may work with a one-child family in a high-speed internet area. But families with additional children, ones with learning disabilities, not self-motivated students, have difficulty with the whole learning process. The whole idea of no schedule, on again off again in session, virtual, or no schooling is a frustration to parents. Parents do want their children to succeed. But how can that happen without quality, or any, education? The dismal air of homeschooling families is being torn down as the homeschooling community grows.

Home schooling, once a ‘fringe’ concept, is now embraced by the mainstream [4].

The awakening of the education being taught to our youth also encourages home education. As many families watched the violent rioters last summer, complaining against America and her system, parents wondered where these young people got their ideas? Parents want their children to have values, a way of life better than themselves. If public education is unwilling to put patriotic and good thoughts in the students’ heads, parents are willing to make the sacrifice to find someone who will.



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