World Wide Population Statistics From 2022

New born baby.

New born baby.

This will come as a surprise to many. Globally, abortion was the leading cause of death in 2022. It was not covid. 40% of all deaths worldwide were caused by abortion, by someone choosing to end a life.


In 2022, over 44 million unborn babies died through abortions, according to Worldometer data. In contrast, 16 million people died from diseases last year, 9.6 million died from cancer, 6 million died from smoking, and 2 million died from HIV/AIDS.

The U.S.

Each day, an estimated 1,500 to 2,500 abortions occur in the United States. According to this statistic, nearly 20% of pregnancies end in abortion in the U.S. (excluding miscarriages). As we entered into a new year, more laws restricting abortions, as well as pro-life centers, became laws in various states.

Sharp Contrast

The country of Hungry is in sharp contrast to the abortion industry. Hungry knows that without citizens, you have no country. Tax policies in Hungary encourage married couples to have children.

Family Friendly Policies

Hungary implemented a new tax policy this month that exempts mothers under 30 from paying income taxes. In addition, mothers with at least four children and working adults under 25 are exempted from paying taxes. As part of the program, you can also receive financial assistance when you buy a seven-seater vehicle.

Pro-family policies have been enacted in Hungary to boost birth rates.

As most countries are seeing a sharp population decline, Hungary is taking the offensive. As more than half of the country is Roman Catholic [1], the government is taking the Bible at its Word and not killing the unborn.


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