Five Creative Ideas For Your Used Live Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree out in the snow

A Christmas tree out in the snow

Christmas season is upon us, and many households prefer live evergreen trees. They offer greenery, beauty, and definitely aroma for the inside. But what to do with this live tree after Christmas? The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) offers five suggestions [1].


Most live trees can be chipped and turned into mulch. It breaks down in the soil and keeps the soil at a more temperate temperature throughout the year. Some cities offer mulching services or rental chippers.

Bed Liners

Cut branches can line perennial beds, protecting them from frost and snow. Pine needles are very moisture and mold-resistant.


Placing the tree in a quiet corner of your yard provides cover for the birds or other wildlife. For additional assistance to the birds, hand a birdfeeder from a branch.


MDC advises tying a cement block to the tree and dropping it in a pond or lake. You don’t even need to cut it up. The fish will enjoy their new cover. No decorations or garland necessary. Due to this ongoing virus [2], the MDC is not taking Christmas trees for use as fish habitat this year.


Aromatic branches can make a potpourri mix. The branches can be woven into a January wreath. A slice of the trunk can be dried and painted for things like coasters or next year’s tree ornaments.

A live Christmas tree has so many benefits- both before and after the actual Christmas holiday. It’s good to take advantage of the ongoing ideas.


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