Local 6th Grader Designs Black Walnut Festival Shirts- Look!

I'm falling for the festival shirt.

I'm falling for the festival shirt.

Alton, Mo. – Back in August, the Alton Chamber of Commerce reviewed the t-shirt design that a local 6th grader, Ethan, had come up with and submitted into their t-shirt contest during the summer. When the Black Gold Walnut Festival officially kicked off last night, during the annual races, we all got to see the t-shirt design as the runners all received a free shirt for signing up for one of the runs.

Over the course of the summer, Ethan, from the Alton Public school designed a t-shirt for the 2019 Walnut Festival. Although several other kids also participated in the t-shirt contest, his design got picked and printed on all the shirts that were ordered for the festival.

Using a play on words, the shirt displays a “I’m falling for the festival- 2019” slogan in black print which stands out against the pumpkin-colored shirt.

At the time of this writing we are unsure of the artist of the t-shirts full name; however, if you know the 6th grader who designed the shirt, feel free to comment below or contact us to let us know his name!


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