New Research Shows Masks Had Little Or No Effect On Virus Spreading

no masks sign

no masks sign

There is “little to no” evidence to suggest that large-scale masking efforts prevented the widespread spread of Covid-19, according to a recent scientific review of 78 trials. Cochrane Library’s meta-analysis, led by 12 researchers, found that wearing a surgical mask or not wearing one makes little to no difference in how many people catch flu-like illness/COVID-like illness [1].

CDC Stance

Research derived from hundreds of thousands of participants challenges the CDC’s flip-flopping recommendations about masking as an essential tactic for combating Covid-19.

At the outset of the global pandemic, the CDC stated that masks were not necessary for slowing the spread of Coronavirus. Within a month, CDC director Robert Redfield informed the Senate that masks were among the “most important” and “most powerful” health tools Americans can use.

Research Results

However, as the Cochrane Library analysis indicates, even the well-touted, top-of-the-line N95 respirator mask provides little to no extra protection over medical or surgical masks. The analysis found that although unwanted effects were not well‐reported, the discomfort was mentioned.

Mask Supporters

Masking supporters, on the other hand, believe that critics overstate the importance of the Cochrane Library review, particularly by overlooking the benefits of wearing masks for individuals as opposed to those for the community as a whole.


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