OMC Offers First Aid & CPR Classes in West Plains, Missouri

An Ambulance.

An Ambulance.

West Plains, Mo. – Ozark Medical Center Hospital is offering Ozark Medical Center of West Plains, Missouri is offering classes. These classes are open to the public for a nominal fee. The classes are CPR and first aid.

Details of  CPR Class

OMC of West Plains is offering two classes. The first class is a CPR AED class. Ozark Medical Center Hospital is offering this class on the second Monday of each month. The course has a video section and a hands-on practice session. A limited number of seats is available, and registration is required.

Details of First Aid Class

The second class offered to the public is one on first aid. This class meets on the third Monday of each month. This class is also video-based with actual in-class practice.

Overall Details

Each class is limited in size, so pre-registration is required. Each class attendee will pay $20.00  for each class, payable when going to class.  The hospital accepts cash or checks; no credit or debit cards allowed. The classes begin at 6:00 p.m. and last between three and four hours. Although there is no age limit, the participant must be able to comprehend what is taught in the video and be able to follow through the in-class practice. This means that he must be able to perform the chest compressions needed for the CPR class.

When the class is finished, each person will receive a book and a certification card. Questions and registration can be directed to the hospital phone number 417-257-6793. The Parkway Center, which is next to Ramey’s Grocery store, hosts the classes,

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