Oregon County Fair 2016

Alton, Mo. – The summer sun shone brightly on Oregon County the days of their county fair. After an absence of twenty years, the fair was a welcome diversion for everyone in the county.


The fair began officially with a rodeo in Thayer Friday night. After working diligently on diverse projects to submit them on Friday evening, the night off was a relaxing time preceding Saturday’s competitions.

Saturday games for the children included turtle races, pig catching, and a chicken chase, All of these events rewarded the winners with monetary prizes. These were all held at the Alton School ball field.

Meanwhile across the field in the FEMA building, judges went to work. Over 300 entries kept the judges busy. From artwork, to sewing, cooking, and woodworking, among others, the categories varied widely.  When they finished, the building was opened for all to view.


Karaoke and cute baby contests followed up the early afternoon heading into more competitions in the evening. Friendly laughter filled the air rising from contestants as well as onlookers reminded all what a fair really is.

Back at Piney Creek Park, music calmed everyone down as the stars came out.

Rachel McDonald thanked everyone for their continued assistance, without which, there would be no fair.

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