Alternative Methods Portion of Deer Season Draws to a Close With Over 12,000 Dead Deer

Deer in field.

Deer in field.

From December 22nd of 2018 through January 1st of 2019, the Missouri Department of Conservation reported that hunters had managed to kill 12,104 deer. This was for Missouri’s alternative method portion of deer hunting season. This was more than last years total for alternative methods season, which was 10,027 deer.

Thousands Dead

On January 2nd, 2019, the Missouri Department of Conservation stated that the alternative methods portion of deer season had ended. Over 12,000 deer were killed in Missouri during the week and a half that the season ran.
Of the total deer harvested, 7,413 were does, and 3,081 were antlered bucks. There was a small harvest of button bucks this year with only 1,586 checked in for the harvest.

Another one Bites the Dust

Oregon County Missouri managed to kill over 200 deer in the alternative methods portion of deer season. The top three Missouri counties with the most deer harvested were Callaway with 304 deer, Osage with 278, and Franklin with 263 deer. [1]

County Antlered Bucks Button Bucks Does Total
Oregon 43 30 138 211 [2]

Missing Out?

If you’ve missed youth hunting back in the early fall of 2018, or if you have missed the firearm portion of deer season, or if you managed to miss the deer for the alternative methods portion, don’t give up. There’s still a chance for you to bring down a deer. From January 2nd until January 15th archery season will be going on, giving you a chance to bring down the deer you’ve been hoping for.


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