Missouri Holds Annual Free Fishing Days on June 9th & 10th

Free Fishing Days

Free Fishing Days In Alton, MO

Alton, Mo. – Once again Missouri celebrated free fishing days. This year it was held on June 9-10. Most noteworthy, the weather was sunny and beautiful for boating and fishing. The weather did determine the number of people who went out.

Who Can Fish?

Free fishing attracts many individuals out of their homes to try and catch a fish or two. This weekend requires no license. Although current size limits and quantity limits are still valid, fishermen enjoy themselves in the art of catching fish. Public waterways are open for citizens of all ages and catch fish. Neighbors often open their ponds and lakes for neighbors to revel in.

Oregon County has an abundance of ponds, lakes, streams, and creeks, rivers. Also, Missouri has over 200 species of fish. Families brought all ages out with rods and reels to try their talent in catching fish, feel the jiggle of a line, or watch a bobber sink.

Why are There Free Fishing Days?

Free fishing days are held throughout the lower forty-eight of the United States.  For people who normally don’t get outdoors, this is a break from the routine, a time to smell fresh air, and a time to observe nature. Parents also participate with their children without spending a lot of money; this is a free fun time.

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