Raising Sheep Can Help Families Who Practice Survival Homesteading— Part 1

Two sheep looking out from a sea of wool.

Two sheep looking out from a sea of wool.

We’ll be publishing a series on raising sheep to help families (or individuals) who practice survival homesteading. This is part one. As we publish each installment, we’ll put links here. Thanks!

Many men and women who are raising families in today’s world are finding ways to rely less on the supply chain and become more self-sufficient. There have been many times in past years when supplies were low or inflation caused the price of goods to be excessive. We appear to be entering a time like that again and maybe self-sufficiency is the answer.

Supply Chain Issues

Store shelves have been stripped bare of their goods in recent times, such as during the pandemic beginning in 2020. Remember toilet paper? Alcohol (the rubbing kind…), sugar, flour, and the list goes on. Consumers also found it difficult to find meat to feed their families.

Choking supply chain issues make Darth Vader upset.
Choking supply chain issues make Darth Vader upset.

And even in most recent news, cargo ships are sitting offshore, unable to unload the items we usually assume we can get, such as clothes made out of cotton. The media have been warning Americans and citizens around the world that supplies will be scarce toward the end of 2021 and beyond [1].

They’re telling people to shop for their Christmas gifts early and even stock up on holiday meal items weeks ahead of time [2]. Imagine if a true survival situation were to emerge.


Many people have begun to raise animals that can provide for them on a long-term basis. A lot of these people went into husbandry for the first time and didn’t have a clue as to how to start raising animals, let alone sheep. Others are following in their path and they’re showing an increased interest in “getting off the grid”, husbandry, and, possibly, raising sheep to help them and their family independent.

Definition of husbandry: the cultivation or production of plants or animals

So, what does it takes to raise a flock of sheep on a homestead? How does one start? Good question.

AltonMo.com will post a series of upcoming articles about raising sheep. Stay tuned. Part two of the series can be found here.


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