Samsung Uses Contest to Encourage Youth Education

The world.

The world.

Samsung is all about advancements. Their Solve For Tomorrow contest is all about advancements through the youth of America. Using a contest as an incentive to rally up teachers and students to use STEM technology to help their communities.

Helping the world

Samsung has been holding the Solve For Tomorrow contest for nine years now. It has been providing partial funding for the teachers in charge of these projects. Besides that, they also have prizes with each advancement in the contest the classroom makes. This year Samsung has partnered with, where people worldwide can donate to the classrooms project.

“Over the years, the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest has provided a glimpse into the issues facing local communities across the country. We’ve seen how some of the nation’s youngest citizens can rally their communities and ignite meaningful, lasting change through the real-world application of STEM subjects,” said Ann Woo, Senior Director of Corporate Citizenship at Samsung Electronics America. “By partnering with, Samsung is providing a material impact to thousands of classrooms across the country, empowering teachers, engaging communities and changing children’s lives.”

This contest helps young people in school see problems in their communities and make solutions for them. Using what they’ve learned in school to help their town, and impact the nation.

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