Alton Missouri Holds Annual Easter Egg Hunt in Park

Decorated eggs.

Decorated eggs.

36°41’23.1″N 91°24’02.5″W.Alton, Mo. –


Once again it is time for the annual Easter Egg hunt held in Alton, Missouri. Weather permitting, this hunt is held each year. Residents from all over come to allow their children to participate.


On Friday, April 19, 2019 beginning at 2:00 p.m. the festivities start. This will be held at the Alton Ball field behind the school.

Whole families are invited to join in the entertainment. The children aged twelve and under will be divided up in various groups for the hunt. The local radio station, KKountry 95, will be present broadcasting the event live.


Over one thousand eggs will be in the field awaiting the children’s discovery. These eggs will be filled with candy and prizes. Live bunnies, on the occasion of the holiday, will also be awarded.


Easter egg hunts are simply one way to remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The egg itself has long been a symbol of new life. [1]


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