Annual Black Gold Walnut Festival 2018 Run Kicks Off Festivities

Alton, Mo. – The Annual Alton Black Gold Walnut Festival Run was held on Friday, October 5, 2018, kicking off the Walnut Festival activities. Participants who had not registered previously could register at a prepared table set up in front of Insane Gainz before the runs began.

Who Sponsored?

Diana Clary from Clary Funeral Home and Shauna Huckabee of Insane Gainz sponsored the run. Diana issued the final instructions for the entrants before the race while Shauna assisted at the registration table and collected the card from the finishers of the race.

The Race!

The evening began with the children’s 1-mile run. At 6:30 pm children ages fourteen and under could participate in their race. An ATV led them through the course, and another one followed the last runner (so no one got lost…).

Various age groups received awards. Male and female received separate awards.  Once the last of the young runners crossed the finish line, the adults lined up for their 5k run. This also was led and followed up by ATV’s (so they wouldn’t get lost either…).

The finish was After Dark

The residents of Alton were asked before the day’s events to keep their dogs inside or chained up while the runs were taking place. Also, both of the runs finished after sunset, so these athletes appreciated vehicle lights supplied by some onlookers. After a near 90 degrees day, the evening coolness brought relief to the competitors, even though the race was still difficult.

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