Category 4 Hurricane Michael Hits Florida Panhandle

Hurricane Michael.

Hurricane Michael hits Florida panhandle.

Hurricane Michael hit Florida on Wednesday afternoon. Evacuation warnings had been issued, and supplies and help have already been put in place for after the storm. The governor of Florida, Rick Scott, has told those that decided not to evacuate, to stay put through the storm.

After many days of tracking the storm, Michael finally made an appearance on land on October 10th. It is the first Category 4 or stronger hurricane to hit landfall on Floridas panhandle. Millions of power outages are expected to happen as Michael sweeps the southeastern states.

Preparation for After the Storm

Before Hurricane Michael hit, Florida Governor Scott had been in contact with President Trump to provide resources and assistance after Hurricane Michael passes. Florida already has water, food, and volunteers ready for the hurricane survivors. Governor Scott is also working on rescue teams to help anybody who needs it.



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