Does It Make Sense Why Healthy Fruit Trees Die? Be The Remedy

Apples on a tree

Apples on a tree

You’ve planted that nice fruit tree in the perfect spot in your yard. Your tree is well watered and gets enough sunlight. You even provide it with plant nutrition. So why is it dying? Other than bugs under the ground or wildlife eating it away, your plant may also be dying from surprising sources: weed trimmers.


Trimming close to the trunk of the tree leads to a whole host of problems. You want the weeds around the tree to be short or nonexistent, but cutting too close may harm the trunk. Insects and diseases may enter the bark when it is cut. Those are bad things.


There are several tips that can help your tree stay healthy if they are applied together.

First  Apply mulch around the tree’s base. Decomposing mulch adds nutrients to the soil. Mulch conserves soil moisture and moderates soil temperature. A mat can surround the tree’s base as well. The mat prevents weeds from growing under the tree.
Second Apply tree guards. These plastic white guards protect tree trunks from weed trimmers. They also protect against small animals and harsh sunshine.

Plant nurseries like Stark Bro’s here in Missouri sell a variety of tree accessories. It is to your advantage to purchase items from a business that has been around for a number of years. Although they sell new products, they can also give advice as what would not work for your problem. As warmer weather approaches and the grass grows, remember these tips to ensure you get the most from your orchard.

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