What Should Be In A First Aid Kit? Here’s The Basics

Items that are sometimes in a first aid kit.Community

Items that are sometimes in a first aid kit.

Whether you’re looking for something to do or you want to be safe in case of some emergency happens, here’s what you should put in a first aid kit.


To begin with, you should have bandages in your first aid kit. Get different sizes for different injuries. A gauze roll and sterile gauze are good to have on hand. Get different sizes for the gauze’s too.


Another couple of things to put into your first aid box is alcohol or alcohol wipes. You should also add antibiotic ointment.


To help keep the injury from getting infected, put some plastic gloves into the first aid kit. A pair of tweezers should be added to the kit.

Cloth Tape

To help the gauze stay on, cloth tape will be necessary. Get a roll or two to put into the kit.

Now if one of your family has a minor injury, you’ll be prepared to handle it.

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