Mount Rushmore Fighting To Hold Fireworks Show- MO Agrees

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

South Dakota Governor is appealing a Biden decision to cancel fireworks displays at Mount Rushmore National Memorial this year. Governor Noem is suing the administration over this decision.

Noem’s View

Governor Noem calls Mount Rushmore,

the very best place to celebrate America’s birthday and all that makes our country special [1].

Top legal offices from around the country are backing her up. Seventeen attorneys general, among them Missouri’s Eric Schmitt, call the Biden administrations decision to cancel the fireworks celebration “arbitrary and capricious” [2]. They argue that there is a strong public interest in holding the fireworks celebration this year after all that has happened the past year. The document filed by these attorneys goes on to explain,

Given the importance of the Fourth of July holiday and the special role of Mount Rushmore as a national monument, amici States have an interest in seeing the fireworks display take place again this year [3].

They go on to argue that last year’s celebration was still held when the pandemic was worse and vaccines were not developed. They claim that over 7,000 people attended last year’s event and not a single person contracted covid-19 due to this event [4].

Biden’s View

The Biden administration made the decision to cancel the fireworks celebration of our nation’s birth back in March. The regional director for the National Park Service cited the covid-19 pandemic as the key factor for canceling the celebration. Meanwhile, the vaccine has become more widespread and the CDC’s guidelines are definitely more relaxed than a year ago or even a few months ago. The White House did not respond to a request for comment following the filing of Governor Noem’s lawsuit. However, Noem’s communications director said that the governor,

is going to do everything in her ability to ensure that we can celebrate America’s birthday with fireworks at Mount Rushmore [5].



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