The 4th Of July Festivities For Alton, Mo. Brought Out The American Spirit

Alton, Mo. – Alton, Missouri, held their 4th of July festivities on Saturday, July 3, 2021, at Piney Creek Park. They had food vendors, bouncy houses, water slides, and of course, the fireworks. It was a beautiful sunny day with a lot less humidity than past days.

The cars all lined up with people setting chairs up for the fireworks show.


There were food vendors at the fireworks. Some sold popcorn, snow cones, funnel cakes, and more for the hungry people.

Bouncy Houses

Kids could find fun at the bounce houses. They had two water slides, a bouncy house, and a bouncy obstacle course, for the young adventurers.

The obstacle course bouncy house is all set up for the kids.


Music was played throughout the evening for the people to listen to.

Star-Spangled Banner

At almost to dark (around 9:00 pm), someone sang the “The Star-Spangled Banner.” During the last line of the National Anthem, the fireworks started to go off.

Fireworks Show

People enjoyed the fireworks show which lasted about thirty minutes while eating nachos and snow cones.

People silhouetted by the fireworks. Interviews

The team went around and asked people two questions: 1. What is your favorite Fourth of July food and 2. Who did the U.S. fight during the War of Independence. You can watch the video here or up above.

The people of Alton showed American spirit while they celebrated our nation’s independence.

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