West Plains Fairground Holds Last Minute Carnival Event

Carnival at Heart of the Ozarks Gairground

Carnival at Heart of the Ozarks Gairground

The West Plains fairground opened its gates this week for a carnival. Despite no county fair amid a seemingly prolific pandemic, the Heart of the Ozarks Fairground invited carnival workers to come and bring fun and excitement to the area.

Who Arranged For This Event?

The carnival was planning on making a trip through the area. The carnival company then contacted the West Plains fair officials. The fair was originally scheduled for June but was canceled due to pandemic fears.


The carnival workers complained that the city of West Plains did little advertising for this event. Indeed, few news sources told of this happening. Brent Pitcock, one of the fair officials said they had,” little time to publicize this event.” [1]This was a last-minute decision.  Nonetheless, a crowd did come out to forget their worries, fears, political troubles.

What Are The Details?

The carnival rides were provided by PBJ Happee Days Shows of Marion, AR. The carnival was set to take place last weekend, ending in a fun demolition derby. However, as of Wednesday, September 16, 2020, the carnival was ongoing at night with all of the lights and crowds.  The carnival was a welcome happening after a drought of summer activities.



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