Send Your Package Early- Supply Chain Services Are Slow

Woman shopping in store.

Woman shopping in store.

Last year, many Americans experienced delays in their holiday shopping. Whether it was items out of stock, lagging processing of orders, or overwhelmed carriers, or hopes that the virus fears are unneeded, Americans want to see a difference this year. They want to celebrate with loved ones as never before.  Nevertheless, with covid fears still around, shoppers need to plan way early to ensure the items desired are purchased, shipped and received in due time.

What Are The Stats?

Different firms are suggesting a growth of 7% over last year [1]. This estimate is based on persons back in work and shopping in person. Home Depot reported selling out of its early Halloween decorations. Is this an indication of Christmas? Retailers are announcing a large increase in hiring just for the holidays.

Follow Your Package

No one wants a late package. But what to do? Take the first step and arrange your gift giving. Gift cards are nice, but want something that’s special? Plan ahead, then order. By placing an order early, there is more likelihood for the item to be in stock. Ordering early allows for delays.


Carriers like FedEx and Ups have remained busy since the start of the pandemic. Holidays increase the workload, right when flu season kicks in, poor travel, and employees wanting time off to finish their own holiday shopping.


Hiring is still an issue for the country. While many states are back to work and rebuilding their economies, a few states continue to keep their residents locked under quarantine, stopping their own economy and stifling other states’ economies. As of September 14, there were about 10 million job openings compared to 11 million people on unemployment [2].


Department stores are also prepping shoppers for lower than normal sales. This is due to stocking issues and supply chain issues. While being closed for CDC warnings, businesses that are open do need to make a profit. Avoiding transportation and carrier delays, many people will shop at malls this year. Impulse buying and what is on hand buying will determine much of the shopping decisions.

Americans made it through the many closures of 2020 and are eagerly anticipating Christmas shopping in 2021. They learned many lessons last year, including shop early to avoid disappointment. This year, the lessons are put into practice.


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