California University Begins Pushing Normalizing Pedophilia on Students

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Two kids on a couch.

How far is too far? In the past hundred years (predominantly) social justice warriors have worked to fight for things that aren’t right and normalize things that aren’t normal. This doesn’t show signs of stopping any time soon, with their most recent effort or normalizing pedophilia entering mainstream media. On Thursday, a California student, Alex Mazzara, tweeted about a discussion they had in class at his state university, which debated the topic of whether or not pedophilia was a “sexual orientation.”


California likes to remain two steps in front of the rest of the country, whether it’s about promoting recycling or legalizing gay marriage, California did it first. Now, California is doing it again, according to Mazzara, a student in San Diego, California state universities are now introducing pedophilia as a sexual orientation. “An actual topic we discussed in class today at a State University after watching an 8 minute Vice News video showcasing self-identified pedophiles. This is going to be mainstreamed,” tweeted Mazzara.

The class allegedly watched an eight-minute video which featured “self-identified pedophiles,” after the video the class then began discussing pedophilia as a sexual orientation, like that of LGBTQ.

Mazzara continued, tweeting what other students in class thought about pedophilia after the video. “Some people agreed that it was a sexual orientation because they “were born that way and can’t help it” others disagreed only because they feared that labeling pedophilia a sexual orientation would harm gays and lesbians because they would then be on the same level.”

The Emperor has no Clothes

Pedophilia isn’t a new thing, even pedophilia becoming mainstream isn’t new. Over the past several years the media has been working to soften people’s opinions on pedophilia through places like news articles on which disappeared not long after being published [1]– on BBC, and on VICE which published pictures of boys dressed up as drag queens next to nude adult men on Twitter- with no reaction from the public.

Now that LGBTQ is mainstream and almost considered normal, media and schools have begun to push for pedophilia as a sexual orientation as well. When pedophiles become normal, then pedophiles get defended because it’s their sexual orientation and no longer a psychiatric disorder.

People need to stop trying not to offend anyone and actually say what we’re all thinking. The Emperor has no clothes! These people are sick; it’s not just a sexual preference; it’s not something to be ignored. It’s something that, if left alone, will continue to grow and grow, until rapists and serial killers are defended because it’s ” not wrong”, “it’s just their sexual orientation”, the judges will say.


  1. ^Salon deleted its articles defending pedophilia, but the BBC is picking up the slack (go back↩)


You’re an idiot. Rape and murder will still be rape and murder. Basically you are saying removing age of consent laws will mean rape and murder will no longer be crimes.

Grow up.

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