Get In The Know—Here Are Some Word Definitions Used In Politics

An open dictionary

An open dictionary

When conversing with others it is important to have a common ground; that common ground can be the words we use. Here are some words we use when talking about politics that you may not know the exact definition of.


A senator or a representative can propose a bill to their respective house. This bill will go through the legislative process. If it successfully passes through the legislative it will become a law.

What Is A Law?

A law is a bill that has gone through the legislative process. And it must be signed by the executive branch. Laws are also known as statutes. Laws can also give power to other branches of government to make mandates or regulations.


A proposal, as the name might suggest, is when someone suggests something, usually a solution.


“Federal mandates include requirements imposed on state, local, or tribal governments or on entities in the private sector that are not conditions of aid or tied to participation in voluntary federal programs” [1] Mandates are from the president using the power that the legislative branch has given him.


Just like proposals, a guideline has it in the name. They are suggestions but unlike proposals which can become a bill then into a law guidelines don’t. Guidelines do not carry the weight of the law.


Regulations are similar to mandates in that they are both made by people who are not in the legislation, but they can hold the weight of law. Regulations are commonly made by federal departments using the power given to them by Congress. [2] [3]



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