Discovery in Dominion Voting Systems’ Contract to Resist Disclosing Information

Edward County Watchdogs Inc, a local newspaper in Illinois, published an article on Jan 15, 2021, about Dominion Voting Systems’ contract, especially a clause which had to do about covering information from the public.

Customer shall take any and all action necessary or appropriate to assert all applicable or potentially applicable exemptions from disclosure under the FOIA Statute and take all other legally permissible steps to resist disclosure of the Information

Page 4, Section 8 Washington Radar [1]

In the contract, it says to contact Dominion Voting Systems if someone requests information and to resist giving information. As the Watchdog group said, “we find the Dominion Voting Systems encouragements to avoid transparency very troubling.” So it should. When an agreement is made between public officials, DuPage County Clerk Jean Kaczmarek and her Chief Deputy Scott Mackay, and a private company, Dominion Voting Systems Inc., it is important for the public to know what is being done.

The Watchdog group also said, “There are exemptions under FOIA regarding trade secrets and we understand such exemptions and their applicability to certain information.” [2] which is understandable if you work for something you don’t want people to just request and steal it. In the contract, it is not just saying to not disclose trade secrets, but to not disclose anything.

A copy of the Dominion Contract, provided by Edward County Watchdogs Inc., can be downloaded at this link on their website.



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