Representative Smith Works To Uphold Constitution Election Rights

General election candidates.

General election candidates.

Missouri’s eighth district U.S. Representative Jason Smith is busy in Washington D.C. trying to stand up for Missouri and all American’s rights by upholding the Constitution. Democrats and President Biden are trying to take away state voter rights by federalizing our votes, which is directly against the U.S. Constitution. Here are the details.

What Does The Bill Say?

H.R. 5746 is a bill that was submitted back on October 27, 2021, by a Virginian Democrat representative. Although the bill is called th ‘Freedom to Vote’ bill, it actually diminishes the voting rights of legal American citizens and allows the federal government to dictate all election rules and regulations.

What Does The Constitution Say?

In Article 1, Section 4, the Constitution simply states

The times, places, and manner of holding elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each state by the legislature thereof [1];

It continues to say

the Congress may at any time make or alter such regulations.

What Elected Officials Say

Representative Smith sees this bill as an attempt to federalize our nation’s elections. It would prevent states from enacting voter protections like voter identification. It would allow unelected bureaucrats to oversee national, state, and even local elections. Current;y, each state regulated their own elections. The voting populace can determine how elections are run, when, and who sets them up. This bill would move all authority to Washington, DC.

Republicans say this bill will undermine legal votes, take away state authority. Democrats say this is for the best of the country. While many states are passing laws to allow only legal citizens who are alive to vote in elections, Democrats want to dismiss these laws and allow anyone to vote, as many times as they want, wherever they want [2]. They can only do this by taking power into the federal government.

Where Is This Bill?

H.R. 5746 passed the House going along party lines. There were 203 nays, including Representative Smith in Missouri, and 220 yeas. It did pass in the House, and is now in the Senate.


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