School Board Votes- Students Must Wear Masks For 2021-22 School Year

Alton, Mo. – The Alton School Board met on Thursday, August 12, 2021, at the Alton High School Library. One of the topics discussed by the board was wearing masks. The board, led by Superintendent Eric Allen, voted to force mask wearing at school, and school nurse Leslie Weyland added that riding on the bus is considered public transportation, “They will have to wear them as soon as they get on public transportation.”

Masks Or No Masks?

COVID-19 preparations were brought up at the board meeting. Allen said on wearing masks at school,

The best way I can tell you as a board that we can do that and fulfill that obligation is to have the mask mandate in place.

Reinforce It

Allen also said on masks, is that if it was passed, they would bring the subject up again at every board meeting until it was repealed.

My plan right now is to recommend to the board, that we re-institute the mask mandate and we review monthly at each regular board meeting until it be repealed.

Public Transportation

Leslie Weyland, the school nurse, pointed out that the kids would have to wear masks on the bus since it was public transportation saying,

And they do have to wear them on the bus regardless of what you all decide tonight. They will have to wear them as soon as they get on public transportation…

Modified Quarantine

The school will have a modified quarantine this upcoming school year. Weyland went more into depth on the modified quarantine:

It’s almost like being an essential worker. You are still quarantined outside the school hours. So from eight o’clock ’til three forty, they’re here as “workers.” As students, yes. And once they leave, once the school day’s over, they have to go home. They can’t stay for extracurricular activities, jobs, church, anything they might do outside school…

The Vote

When they voted whether or not to have the mask mandate, four of the board members said “yes” for it to be passed, and two said “no.”


  1. Chris Johnston
  2. Bart Kernodle
  3. Jamie Sisco
  4. Kelly Stubblefield


  1. Chris Clark
  2. Rick Henson

Goes into effect

The mandated mask policy goes into effect August 16, 2021.

Next Meeting

The next school board meeting will be on Thursday, September 9, 2021, at 6:30 pm, at the Alton High School Library. Allen announced that masks will be required at the next meeting.


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