Get Ready- Postage Stamps Going Up In Price Again

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Missouri bicentennial stamps

For those mailing letters, a stamp on Saturday would cost only 60 cents. However, on Monday, the price rose to 63 cents. Many postal services and shipping are going up. Those in charge are blaming the increase on the post office’s massive debt.

What Is Going Up?

Most items sold by the postal service are going up in price. The first-class stamp went from 60 to 63 cents. Postcards went from 44 cents to 48 cents. An international letter rises to $1.45 from $1.40. For a person who sends packages via priority mail, those prices are going up also. While medium and large flat-rate boxes are up in price, small boxes are down in price. Also, for those who can rearrange the package, priority mail envelopes are going down in price. Post office fees and money services are also going up.


 The Postal Service said that the new rates are still well below the rate of inflation. The USPS (United States Postal Service) has an annual budget deficit of $10 billion.

Although the price does seem extravagant to mail a letter to a friend, it is still cheaper than gas.

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