Another Round Of Winter Weather Coming Our Way

Snow falling and stacking on the ground.

Snow falling and stacking on the ground.

Alton, Mo. – Considering that it’s January, what else is there to expect? In Alton, measurable snow and colder temperatures are forecast. Weathermen have issued winter storm warnings from New Mexico all the way through to Ohio, with Missouri in the middle. Those thinking about flowers and gardening need to put aside those thoughts and plan on shoveling and kids home from school. Here is what weathermen are saying.


Temperatures in Oregon county have been setting up for snow. Daily highs have been in the 40’s, and overnight lows are in the ’20s. Today mimics that. They say we may reach up to 45 degrees. Rain should begin by early afternoon, quickly changing to snow as the temperature falls.


Snow amounts vary. Accuweather is calling for 3-6 inches of snow [1] [2] [3]. Wunderground says we can expect 2.5 inches of snow and rain. Meanwhile, NOAA is calling for 4-6 inches for our area. Springfield news is calling for heavier snow to come south of I-44, coming to the West Plains area.

MODOT (Missouri Department of Transportation) is asking motorists not to go out unless necessary. Snow could fall heavily, covering roadways and making driving difficult. Snow crews will be out trying to keep roads clear [4].

After Effects

After this storm passes, temperatures are expected to rise into the 50’s by Friday and Saturday. Any snow accumulated will then melt.

Despite bad weather in the forecast and the month being January, this will be a quick storm. Once passed, we can get out and enjoy the sunshine once again before another snow comes.


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