Governor Parson Opens Third “The Missouri Way’ Training Program

Child Hand Waving American Flag

Child Hand Waving American Flag

On January 29th Missouri Governor, Mike Parson, opened the third “The Missouri Way” management training program with a speech to over 200 attendees. [1] The Missouri Way deals with teaching management skills to people in the executive branch of Missouri’s government.

The Missouri Way

The Missouri Way was first introduced to Missouri by Governor Parson in August 2018. Since then the rigorous three-day training program has been held every 90 days after. Tuesday’s management training program was the third The Missouri Way held since it first began.

By the end of this week, over 470 state employees will have completed the program. Missouri will be holding the training approximately every 60 days in 2019, with the goal of training 1,200 managers by the end of 2019.

Working to Become Better

The Missouri Way deals with training “public servants” to be the best manager and leader they can be. The Missouri Way was created with three objectives in mind: to accelerate professional growth, to give leaders a better understanding of their departments, and to improve the government performance. With these objectives in mind, The Missouri way mixes group exercises and individual challenges to train senior leaders, managers, supervisors, and newer leaders to use tools and alternative approaches to management challenges. [2]

For participants

Accelerate their professional growth through individual leadership development, building new skills to lead others and lead change.

For their departments

Give leaders the skills and shared understanding to improve their department’s performance and work environment.

For the State of Missouri

Develop networks of leaders from all departments that can learn from one another and improve government performance for our citizens.



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