Missouri Redistricting Confirmed In The House

Missouri state capitol building.

Missouri state capitol building.

In January, 2022, the Missouri House approved the new redistricting map. Due to the census, populations moved and the House could move the districts as they saw necessary. Here are a few important points.

Representative Copeland

As of March, 2022, Representative Copeland is still our representative. New representatives will be sworn in in January 2023, after which he will step down. During that time, January 2023, Alton and all of Oregon County will no longer be included in district 143. The area will instead be included in district 153.

Representative Atchison

Meanwhile, as a member of district 153, the current representative is Representative Atchison. He has served one term and is seeking reelection. He is a Republican and a financial advisor. He has served in the National Guard for 23 years. He serves on three committees{ insurance, utilities, and veterans. At present, he is working with other representatives on an Article V convention.

District 153

In January, 2023, district 153 will include Oregon County, Ripley, County, Carter County, and parts of Wayne Howell, and Shannon Counties. This is something to keep in mind as we head into mid term elections. We want to be informed on persons running for our own area.


To see a complete view of the 2022 redistricting representative map, you can click here. For the time being, the Senate has not approved a redistricting map [1].


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