Senator Cunningham of District 33 Talks About Missouri “Hot Topics”

Missouri State Capitol building.

Missouri State Capitol building.

The Missouri Senate is in session and the senators are debating on several items. Recently the staff of visited with Senator Cunningham who manages district 33, along with Oregon county. He supports Governor Parsons in his plans for economic development as outlined in his state of the state address from January 16, 2019.


Currently, the Senate is debating the logistics of redistricting the state. Each senator wants a say in the matter.

Minimum Wage

Also on the agenda is a hot topic: minimum wage. Our elected officials are discussing adding partial wage for minors. They need work experience, and this could be a foot in the door for them without punishing businesses. Although the minimum wage seems low, residents are not expected to live on minimum wage.
Moreover, employees ought to continue with a job and raise in worth. Thereby they earn a wage increase. Unfortunately, many Missourians believe it should be permissible to stay with a job long enough for a paycheck. Then many workers quit that employment and look for another one. Thus, they remain on minimum wage, instead of increasing the profits for the business and themselves. Also with the minimum wage, they are discussing wages for waitresses. Should they be allowed to choose between full minimum salary or take partial minimum wage with tips?

Fire Department

Senator Cunningham also asked how the new fire department for Alton Missouri was coming along.

This is Senator Cunningham’s final term as he has served to the term limits.

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