Cat Enters Field Stopping Giants vs. Cowboys Monday Night Football Game

Football in field.

Football in field.

East Rutherford, NJ. – The New York Giants went up against the Dallas Cowboys at MetLife Stadium on Monday Night Football. But they had a surprise guest at the game- a black cat. The announcer, Kevin Harlan, also gave step-by-step calls just as he would if an actual play was going on.

The Black Cat

The Giants were winning by 3-9, which was surprising, due to their seven (counting this game) losses of the season so far, but then a black cat came onto the field and became the star of the game. The game was stopped as officials came onto the field to catch the cat. The cat entered the field about the 10-yard line. Then he ran to the three then to the one-yard line- the cat stopped right before the end zone, and by that time, police officers and security were chasing it.

The cat then got a touchdown!! It then ran towards the wall but then turned quickly and ran the other direction, evading policemen. Meanwhile, everyone was enjoying the show, and the security was trying to corner it and get it off the field. The guard finally got the cat to go into the tunnel leading off the field.

After the cat was brought off the field, the game continued, and the Giants lost. The final score, with the Cowboys getting another victory, was 37-18. MetLife later said that they saw the black cat disappear under a seating section. They said they would look for the cat and bring it to a veterinarian. There also happens to be more cats at the MetLife Stadium. Usually, the cats just come out after the game and get some snacks. This cat was probably just scared out by the noise, though.

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