The Alton Bank Is A Sponsor Of The New Alton Sports Network

Alton Bank, Alton Mo.

Alton Bank, Alton Mo.

The Alton Bank is helping sponsor the new Alton Sports Network along with other local businesses.

What Is ASN?

The Alton Sports Network is being provided by Andy Earls and his company, Redline Media Alliance. The Alton Sports Newtwork has been live-streaming the Alton High School basketball games since mid-January. They said that they hope to live stream the Alton Comets baseball, the Alton Lady Comets softball, and other school programs such as graduation.

The plan is to continue the live stream for Alton Comet baseball, Alton Lady Comet softball, and special school programs such as graduation. [1]


As the Alton Sports Network got going, several local businesses wanted to sponsor them. The primary sponsors are the Alton Bank, Shepherd’s View Assisted Living, West Plains Savings and Loan, and Clary Funeral Home. [2]

Alton Bank Voice

Dana Roberts, Alton Bank worker, said in closing out the press release, “I think our community is very fortunate to have this available at Alton School.” [3]


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