What To Eat In Space- Do You Have A Suggestion?



The Deep Space Food Challenge is looking for menu ideas for those in space. Astronauts usually eat freeze dried food. However, fresh fruits and vegetables are more nutritious and tastier. What to do? The Methuselah Foundation is joining forces with NASA to ask the public for ideas.

What Is This?

The Deep Space Food Challenge is an international competition where NASA offers prizes to U.S. teams and recognition to international teams. Deep Space is looking for novel and game-changing technologies or systems that requires minimum input with maximum output. The outputs need to be safe, nutritious, and palatable for long term space missions. They need to have the potential to benefit people on earth also [1].


The suggested food technology system will fill gaps in the astronauts’ regular menu. There is no resupply and it must feed four members. There must be greatest amount of food output with minimal waste. Other rules are available at the website here.


This contest began in January. 2021. However, for those interested in competing, the deadline to register was June 25. Deep Space Food Challenge judges will announce the winners in September, 2021.

Although the contest is closed for entries at this time, one can sign up for news or upcoming events.


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