6 Simultaneous Spinning Tropical Storms Tie With 27-Year-Old Record

Dark storm clouds.

Dark storm clouds.

Currently, there are six active, named storms in the Eastern Pacific and Atlantic basins- something that hasn’t happened since September of 1992, according to veteran National Hurricane Center forecaster Eric Blake. September is the peak month of hurricane activity in both the Atlantic Basin and the Eastern Pacific.

The Eye of the Storm

Hurricane season is in full effect this time of year, according to Neal Dorst of NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division, September is the month with peak hurricane activity throughout the year- mainly due to the fact that in September the oceans reach their warmest temperatures and the winds that cross the oceans are around the lowest temperatures they reach every year. [1]

Tropical cyclones in Eastern North Pacific. (Official photo by NOAA.gov)
Tropical cyclones in Eastern North Pacific. (Official photo by NOAA.gov)
Tropical cyclones in Atlantic. (Official photo by NOAA.gov)
Tropical cyclones in Atlantic. (Official photo by NOAA.gov)

As of September 18, there were six active storms in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific basins combined. Humberto and Kiko have been spinning in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific for some time now. On Tuesday, they were joined by four other tropical cyclones- Imelda and Jerry in the Atlantic Basin, and Mario and Lorena in the Eastern Pacific Basin. [2]

Not the First Time

After checking the records, Blake tweeted that the amount of active storms ties a record that was set back in 1992.

“It’s not something that you see all the time, but not unheard of, either,” said Weather Channel meteorologist Danielle Banks. According to the National Hurricane Center, there have been cases of as many as five active tropical cyclones in the Atlantic at once (although it last happened in 1971). There have also been cases of up to five tropical cyclones forming simultaneously in the Eastern Pacific Basin in the past (the last time this occurred was in 1974). [3]



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