A Falling Iguana Warning Was Sent Out To Floridian Residents

An iguana in the dirt.

An iguana in the dirt.

It was raining iguanas in the Sunshine State on Sunday, January 30, 2022. A falling iguana warning was sent out to Floridian residents when the state received a cold spell.

Cold Weather

The state of Florida experienced cold weather with the temperature dipping to the mid-twenties on Sunday morning. [1]

Falling Iguanas

Since reptiles are cold-blooded, iguanas get immobilized in colder temperatures- around the 40s. [2] The green reptiles usually sleep in trees, so when it gets cold, they don’t hold on and they fall out of the tree.

Watch Out!

While you may be thinking, how hard would it be to dodge a falling iguana? Not that hard you may think. Well, if you don’t doge one of these falling iguanas, it can hurt you. Adult iguanas can grow up to five feet long and twenty pounds. [3] When the green reptiles warm up again, they can be aggressive, so watch out.

Pets, Anyone?

Floridians are welcome to keep and iguana(s) as a pet as long as you have a permit. The green iguanas have grown very populous in past years. The reptile can even be killed humanely on private property year-round with landowner permission. [4]

So if you travel to Florida in cold weather, watch out for falling iguanas!


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