Fall Equinox- Egg Balancing Fact or Myth

Fall Equinox.

Can you Balance an egg on the Fall Equinox?

After a long wait, a year to be exact, the fall equinox is upon us again along with a reminder to try our hand at egg balancing. This equinox marks the first day of fall in what we call astronomical seasons. There is also another, more common definition of when the season begins. This is based on average temperatures rather than astronomical events. The equinox happens when the earth’s equator passes the center of the sun. Along with the equinox, it seems that every spring and fall. It seems that every spring and fall an idea of egg balancing is brought up, whether by the news or through school.

Is the egg Balancing act Easier on an Equinox Fact or Myth

Egg balancing comes from the traditional Chinese, something that has since been popularized in the United States. It comes from a myth that connects this practice to the lunar new year in China. Many people claim that it is easier to balance an egg on its end on the equinox. The logic behind this is that since the Sun and Moon are equally distanced from the earth. Which makes the gravity pull equalized and therefore an egg is less likely to fall over. It is possible to balance an egg on the equinox. Multiple studies show that people have balanced many eggs on the equinox. [1]A the same time though, you can balance an egg any day of the year. The balancing act depends more on the position of the yolk inside of the egg and texture of the eggshell than the gravitational pull.


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