First Measurable Snow Of The Season Hits Alton

cold, blowing snow

cold, blowing snow

Alton, Mo. –Weather forecasters were predicting a change in weather. After all, it is January. But this was not readily believed by many, due in part to 70 degree spring like weather and, perhaps, it’s just American to be cynical about weathermen and their prognostications.

But winter did come. And with it, cold temperatures, wind, cancellations, and snow. Here are a couple tips and observations (in case you forgot what cold weather feels like.)


After reveling in warm, spring-like temperatures through the Christmas holidays, freezing conditions hit with a blast. Thursday is not forecast to go above freezing and nighttime degrees will hover around 10. Best to keep the water running tonight. Dress warmly if you do need to go outdoors.


Wind does seem to accompany cold weather. It is decidedly making a presence today. As of 11:00 a.m., the outside temperature was 22 degrees, but the wind chill was 10 degrees. Exposed skin can get frostbite quickly. Cover yourself and your children. Don’t let pets linger outdoors.

Keep hydrated, too.


Schools all over the region closed their doors today. Senior centers advised residents to stay home and not venture out, also cancelling lunches. Many extra curricular activities got cancelled to keep people off the slippery, snow covered roads.


And the snow came! For those who like the beauty and whiteness of snow, I’m sure you are watching it as this is getting posted. Coming down fast, accumulations of around an inch piled up.

Roads are covered, as well as porches and sidewalks. Snow lay on leaves, branches, and the ground. Birds hoping for a quick meal before the cold blast coming tonight are disappointed.

Winter is here. And with winter comes cold temperatures, wind, cancellations, and snow.

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