Over 11,000 People With Howell-Oregon Electric Without Power

Wintery road covered in snow

Wintery road covered in snow

Due to the snowstorm on Tuesday night, January 24, 2023, over 11.000 people with Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative are without power on Thursday, January 26, 2023.

Oregon and Howell

Oregon County currently has 3,334 member-consumers without power. Howell County has 4,261 member-consumers without power.

In Total

In total, Howell-Oregon Electric is in six different counties: Howell, Oregon, Shannon, Ozark, Douglas, and Texas. In those counties, there are 11,340 members without electricity, with the most being in Howell and Oregon counties respectively. [1] To check for outages, you can go to this page.


This snowstorm has probably been the biggest snowstorm for Alton in a couple of years. Alton got about 7 1/2 inches, with some places having more and some places having less. While not the best for sledding, unless you go in the morning, it is great for building snowmen and forts. But due to it being wet snow, it weighed down the tree branches which than fell on the electric lines causing power outages.

The Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative is doing their best to get their counties back with electricity.


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