Snow’s Coming To Alton- Straight Down From Canada

Snow falling down hard.

Alton, Mo. – A large weather system is coming straight down from Canada. Forecasters are calling it the Saskatchewan Screamer. Unlike an Alberta Clipper which comes from Alberta, this line of colder weather is commencing in Saskatchewan, Canada. Residents are preparing for the worst, while hoping for the best, realizing it is January.

What Is Precipitation Is Forecast?

NOAA has issued watches and warnings from North Dakota down through Arkansas, and over into Virginia and the Carolinas. More northern states could see a foot of new snow. Here in Alton, forecasts change. It may get cold quickly, thus bringing 4-8 inches of snow here. Otherwise, the precipitation may begin as rain before it cools down and changes to only an inch or so of snow. Of course, school children are hoping for an abundance of white stuff to cancel school. Those who do have to get out are praying for wet rain instead.

Any Winds?

Accuweather is predicting strong winds on Saturday [1]. This comes with the colder temperatures.


While today’s predictions have the temperatures in the low 50’s, Saturday’s high is at midnight. When the winds do pick up later in the day, wind chills could get close to single digits. Saturday night’s outlook is low 20’s, cold enough to keep the snow yet another day. Depending on which weather service you trust, some are saying temperatures will rise above freezing Sunday; others are not so optimistic.

Time will tell what comes of this storm. Remember to not travel when roads are bad unless absolutely necessary. Beforehand, stock up in essentials to eliminate worry and the feeling of having to venture out. Storms do pass, even in January.


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