Bed Bath And Beyond Is Closing Multiple Stores By February

A bed and bath.

A bed and bath.

Bed Bath and Beyond is going to permanently close 37 stores in different states by the end of February 2022. This is part of previous plan announced in 2020.

States With Closed Stores

There are nineteen states that will have closed stores. New York will close seven stores, California will close five, and Washington will close four. Arizona, Georgia, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Texas will each lose two stores. The rest of the states- Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, and West Virginia- are all losing one store each. [1]

The Reason For Closing

The reason why Bed Bath and Beyond is closing thirty-seven stores is because they haven’t had the best of sales the past couple of years. The store’s plan is to close 200 stores by the end of the year. They have already closed around 170.

New Additions

In the stores that remain, about 400, they will be renovated with brighter signage, new brands, and they will reduce clutter.

A Big Asset

The CEO of Bed Bath and Beyond, Mark Tritton, said that one of the big assets of the store is the Buy Buy Baby; it’s on track to deliver 1.3 billion dollars in sales. [2]


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