Oregon County Assessments Due



Alton, Mo. – Charles Alford, the Oregon County Assessor, is reminding all residents that their assessments are due before March 1. Assessments received after this date receive a penalty. If one is not filed by March 1, an additional assessment will be mailed after March 1, 2020.

What Are These Assessments?

These assessments are a piece of paper mailed to each residence in the county. The Resident of that property lists his personal property. He can list what is new to him this year and what has been sold or given away. This recording determines the taxes due. At the beginning of every year, these reckonings are mailed out.

Any Questions?

If you have questions regarding this assessment, feel free to call the Assessor’s office at 417-778-7471. They are there to help. As March 1 falls on a Sunday, it is good to plan ahead and mail these in. Even better yet, you can bring them into the assessor’s office located in the courthouse on the main floor.


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