Freewill Baptist Church Holds Annual Indoor Yard Sale

Freewill Church yard sale.

Freewill Church yard sale.

Alton, Mo. –Today, September 8, 2018 the Victory Freewill Baptist Church in Alton, MO opened its basement doors to the public. The members held a church yard sale.

Although the weather outdoors threatened rain with a hint of drizzle, the ladies of the church were undeterred. Having worked all day Friday organizing and setting up the items for sale, they opened the doors on schedule on Saturday and had a happy time working together and working with the public.


A variety of items were at the yard sale. Immediately upon entering the room, the visitor’s eyes pass by the breads and desserts displayed on the counter. To the left tables were set up covered with all sorts of goods, knick-knacks, books, and odds and ends. Those tables curved around to the clothing tables. The volunteers has previously folded and stacked a multitude of sizes and attire for easier viewing.  Anyone who ventured out could sort through super deals on summer wear while stocking up on upcoming winter wear. Walking past the tables were  racks of clothing that was on hangers.


Since this is becoming an annual event in which the church can sell unneeded items, the public can obtain items at little cost, and the church can use the funds for various needs as the years change.


Victory Freewill Baptist Church is located on the south side of Alton on highway 19, on the west side of the road, across from the driver’s license bureau.


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