School Board Continue Mask Mandate, Talks About Buses And Food

Alton, Mo. – The Alton School Board met on Thursday, September 9, 2021, at the High School Library. They talked about the school buses, attendance, the food, COVID-19, and many other topics.

The Food

The school has got fresh fruit and vegetables this school year. They also have refrigerator problems that are being taken care of.

Talking About The Buses

This year Alton passed the bus examination. The school has bought two buses that have not arrived yet but are working on getting down here. They are also looking for bus drivers.

Becky Granger, the secretary, at the Alton School Board meeting on September 9, 2021.

Continued Mask Mandate

The board also talked about COVID-19. They said that if a student who is wearing a mask and tests positive, the only people affected by it is people in a three-feet circumference. While if you are not wearing a mask, the distance goes to six-feet. Superintendent Eric Allen said,

A student that tested positive went through our protocol, which right now, wear a mask. The way we’re doing it, the bubble around that kid is only three feet, that impacted four kids, who got to stay at school… If we were not masking, the bubble around them goes to six feet, and that would’ve touched seventeen kids, that would’ve went home for fourteen days.

The Vote

The board voted whether or not to continue the mask mandate. Two of the board members were absent during this meeting. Although none of the board members were wearing masks, three of the board members voted to continue the mandate while one member abstained.

For Masks

  1. Chris Johnston
  2. Bart Kernodle
  3. Kelly Stubblefield


  1. Jamie Sisco


The High School Assistant Principal Stephanie Miller said that attendance is at 94%.

Our attendance so far is ninety-four and a half percent.

For the A+ program, students must have an average attendance of 95%. Miller said that most of her students would achieve that percentage if it wasn’t for last year.

We had kids that I was bringing in at the beginning of the year, seniors, to talk to them about A-plus… And I go through and there, there attendance requirement they request is ninety-five percent. And I have kids that are not at ninety-five percent, and it’s solely because of last year. We couldn’t do anything ’bout it, it wasn’t us, it was what we were told we could not do. And so if I could pull out that year, they’d be good… They wouldn’t come as much, because they didn’t have to.

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