Local Author Publishes Yet Another Timely Book

The Survival Garden Book

The Survival Garden Book

PRESS RELEASE: Cygnet Brown publishes thirteenth book—The Survival Garden: Plant a Garden for Food to Last all Winter that You Won’t Need to Can, freeze. or dehydrate.

Alton, Mo. – October 14, 2021- Cygnet Brown’s most recent nonfiction book: The Survival Garden, Plant a Garden for Food to Last all Winter that You Won’t Need to Can, Freeze, or Dehydrate has been published on Amazon and is locally available for direct sale through the author.

What would you do if suddenly going to the grocery store for food was no longer a possibility? Do you have food stored? Do you have a garden? Most of the tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and other perishable vegetables that are grown in the average backyard garden won’t keep long enough if they aren’t preserved. So what would you do if electricity and canning lids were not available to preserve these vegetables throughout the season when your garden is not producing? Cygnet Brown wrote this book to help you learn how you can grow vegetables that need no special storage methods.

These vegetables were some that your ancestors knew well how to keep without canning, dehydration, or freezing. Most importantly, these same vegetables contain enough nutritious calories to sustain you through those months when your garden is unproductive.

What Else?

She will also teach you the proper propagation method for each vegetable so that you can maintain a harvest year after year no matter whether or not there is any availability in the traditional marketplace.

Other Publications?

In addition to The Survival Garden, Cygnet Brown has published twelve previous books. Six books in her American family historical fiction series called The Locket Saga. As well as six other nonfiction books: Simply Vegetable Gardening, Write a Book and Ignite Your Business, Help From Kelp, Using DE Around the House and Yard, Living Today, and The Ultimate Keystone Habit.

Additional books written by C. Brown
Additional books written by C. Brown

How To Purchase

Cygnet Brown’s books are available in print and on Kindle. For more information or for future interviews, contact Cygnet Brown via email: cygnetbrown@gmail.com.

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