Mammoth Spring Hosting A Rabies Clinic This Saturday Only

Entertaining your dog.

Entertaining your dog.

This Saturday, April 2, the Mammoth Spring Chamber of Commerce will hold its annual rabies clinic. This is in conjunction with the Langley Animal Clinic. Here are the details.

What Is Happening?

The Langley Animal Clinic is teaming up with Simmons Bank in Mammoth Spring to host the annual rabies clinic. This is available for all dogs and cats. There is a nominal fee of $10.00 per pet.

Where Is This?

The Simmons Bank has a large parking lot that is open for the rabies clinic. The address there is 165 Main Street in Mammoth Spring.

Who Can Attend?

Anyone may attend. There is no restriction based on your home location or finances. This is open for annual rabies vaccinations for dogs and cats.

When Is This Happening?

This rabies clinic is scheduled for Saturday, April 2, between 9:00 a.m. and noon. Come early because there is usually a crowd present.


If you have additional questions or concerns regarding bringing your pet in, please call Langley Animal Clinic at 417-264-2206.

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