Alton Public Library Officially Linked To 50 Libraries

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Row of books.

Alton, Mo. – The Alton Public Library is officially linked to more than 50 other libraries. As stated earlier, the library was updating its system, making them more accessible to others while allowing users to access other libraries at the same time. This was a large undertaking that has benefits for all those involved.

How To Link In

First to note is the web address. Oregon County Library District has the site . By going there one can click on the “my account” at the top of the page. This account number is the number on each person’s library card preceded by ocld.  First-time users enter the pin of 1234. Once in, the password can be changed.

What Does This Site Do

After registering in, you can search for any number of books, music, dvd, or other. Just like the catalog system, you search by title, author, or subject. This new system tells the user if the item wanted is currently checked out. Otherwise, one can put the item on hold. This hold transfers the book from the library where it is, to the Alton, Missouri Public library. This is where you can check out and pick up your items.  Make sure to have the item requested come to the Alton Public Library. The Alton Public Library can hold your items up to seven days for you to pick them up. The checkout time is the same: two weeks. If they are not checked out after seven days, the items requested are returned to the original library.

This new system opens up many more resources to the people of Oregon County. Also, without leaving the comfort of home, books can be requested.

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