First Meteor Shower Of Autumn Happening Friday Night

Stars in a purple sky.

Stars in a purple sky.

The first meteor shower of autumn, the Draconid meteor shower, will reach its climax on Friday night, October 8, 2021.

When Can I See It

Unlike other meteor showers, the Draconid meteor shower will have a peak of only one night. You can see the peak from October 8th to 9th.

Any Outbursts Of Meteors

Some years, stargazers can see 100-plus shooting stars in one hour. While it is unlikely this year, you can still see from 5 to 10 shooting stars per hour.

Best Time To See It

If you’re thinking, “I really don’t want to wake up at two in the morning to see a meteor shower,”- you won’t have to! The best time to see the Draconid meteor shower will be at dusk

Look At Draco

The shooting stars associated with the Draconids originate from near the constellation Draco (the dragon). [1] But you will be able to see the shooting stars anywhere across the sky.

Watch The Weather

Stargazers need to take in consideration of the weather. If it’s cloudy, you can’t see the shooting stars. The majority of the United States will be fair to good viewing.

Make sure to put this event in your calendar so you can see the Draconid meteor shower!


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