Polls People At The 36th Annual Black Gold Walnut Festival

Enjoying the festival.

Enjoying the festival.

Alton, Mo. – The 36th Annual Ozark “Black Gold” Walnut Festival took place on Saturday, October 2, 2021, in Alton, Missouri. The team went around and asked people some questions. The three questions asked was as follows: 1. How many Walnut Festivals in Alton have you been to? 2. How long are you planning on staying at the Walnut Festival? and 3. Can you tell any of the enumerated rights listed in the Bill of Rights? The team also gave out goodie bags after interviewing a person.

First Question

For the first question, how many Walnut Festivals have you been to, the majority of the people questioned said they have been to the Walnut Festival four or more times.

  • 4 or more times: 22 people
  • First time: 5 people
  • 1-3 times: 2 people

Stay The Day

When the team asked people how long they were going to stay at the festival, most of them said the entire day or one to three hours.

  • All day: 17 people
  • 1-3 hours: 10 people
  • Did not know: 1 person

List Your Rights

On an entirely different note, the last question asked was can you list any of the rights in the Bill of Rights. There is a variety of freedoms and rights people could choose. The most known one was the right to bear arms.

  • Did not know: 20 people
  • Right to bear arms: 6 people
  • Free speech: 5 people
  • Free press: 2 people
  • Freedom of religion: 1 person

Giving Out Bags

After the team interviewed a person(s), they gave out an goodie bag with an pen and postcard. The interviewees were told to write their grandma’s about the Walnut Festival!

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